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Learning & Development Professional (LDP) is the only dedicated website for Learning & Development professionals in the Asia Pacific region.

Delivered exclusively online, LDP provides a real-time web service that keeps industry professionals up to date with the latest trends, opinions, and expert analysis affecting their careers, businesses, and the industry as a whole.  LDP provides a regular e-newsletter service, delivered to inboxes around the APAC region, covering need-to-know developments in areas such as change management, e-learning, m-learning, technology, training, coaching, psychology of learning, mentoring and much more.

An online industry hub, LDP offers fresh and informative multimedia content, practical articles and opinion, a popular industry forum for online discussion and debate, and industry-specific research and reports.

LDP is more than just another news service; its vision is to engage with the industry’s grassroots – the Learning & Development professionals themselves – to gain unprecedented insights from key practitioners on the developments and trends of an increasingly important function with businesses today.

Leveraging off two decades of business publishing experience gained by multi-national publishing firm Key Media Pty Ltd, LDP continues in the footsteps of HRD Singapore, HC Online, HRM America, HRM Canada & HRM New Zealand.

Key Media

Key Media delivers world-class content through various multimedia channels including print, online and events.
Key Media is a rapidly growing media company with offices in Sydney, Auckland, Singapore, Manila, Denver and Toronto serving a range of professional services markets across the Asia-Pacific region and North America.
The organisation’s products operate across key business verticals including Finance, Legal, Education, Property and Human Resources, and bring product providers and business communities together through print media, events and online. Key Media has an unquestioned reputation for delivering high-quality, timely information in whatever format best suits our customers.

In just over a decade, Key Media has grown from the launch publisher of a single B2B magazine to a global business media company with an ever-growing portfolio of market-leading products. Key Media prides itself on its entrepreneurial culture, creating innovative products for the industries in which we operate.

Central to our business model is a truly platform-neutral approach to media communication. Whether audiences wish to communicate through the pages of a magazine, face-to-face at events or conferences, or online through the latest in cutting-edge technology, Key Media has a product to suit their needs.

Other Publications

As a specialist publishing company, we also produce monthly trade publications for professional niche markets such as legal, human resources and the mortgage industry. Titles include:

For further information please contact us on +61 2 8437 4700.

Australia - Head Office
Level 10, 1 Chandos St., St Leonards, NSW 2065 Australia

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