Aussies rank as world’s fourth happiest workers

by Brett Henebery23 Feb 2017

A new study has found that Australian workers rate their workplace happiness at 68 on a scale of 0-100, ranking only behind the USA, Germany and The Netherlands.

The report, by specialist recruitment company, Robert Half, found that Australia’s happiest workers are aged 55+, in management-level roles, in marketing and creative sectors, and working in small organisations.

According to the data, the key driver of workplace happiness is “being treated with fairness and respect” followed by pride in the organisation and a sense of accomplishment at work.

David Jones, senior managing director at Robert Half Asia Pacific, said the majority of business leaders acknowledge that workplace happiness has a tangible impact on productivity and profitability.

“Australians are known globally for their positive attitude in the workplace and it is encouraging to see this reflected throughout our research,” Jones said in a statement.

“Happy employees tend to be more engaged, loyal, creative and productive than their less-satisfied counterparts. They also take fewer sick days, tend to be more creative, proactive and express a greater sense of loyalty to the company.”

Jones added that creating a positive culture that engages employees and boosts satisfaction levels enables companies to remain competitive while having a direct impact on business performance.

He pointed out that as the interest that learners have in their jobs usually peaks during their second year of tenure, it is important for organisations to ensure that they feel appreciated.

“Beyond this timeframe, employees need to be rewarded with frequent feedback to maintain their spark for the job,” he said.

“Checking in regularly with employees to discuss the evolution of their objectives, their career development, and providing ongoing feedback will make them feel more appreciated, which in turn, enhances employee happiness.”

Below, the study cites the 6 factors that influence happiness at work:

Fairness and respect: being treated with fairness and respect is the biggest driver of workplace happiness.

Appreciation: showing employees their work is appreciated makes them happier.

Empowerment: having more freedom on the job makes employees happier.

Meaningful work: employees who say the work they do is worthwhile are 2.4 times more likely to be happy than those who say their work is “just work”.

Positive workspace: 83% of workers get along with people on their immediate team

Right fit for job and company: A good match between workers and their employees makes Australian employees 2.5 times more likely to be happy on the job.