CIA accidently leaves explosives on school bus after training program

by L&D04 Apr 2016
School children in Virginia have been transported around for two days on a bus with “explosive training material” under its hood.

The material was left behind by the CIA after it conducted training exercises with local law enforcement employees.

The explosives were packed in a container and placed in the engine compartment of a bus at Briar Woods High School in Loudoun County.

 “During the outside portion of the training, the training material was hidden inside an engine compartment of the bus,” according to the Loudon County Sheriff’s department.

“At some point, a portion of the material from the container appears to have been dislodged from the container and fell into the engine compartment of the bus and was not recovered following the training.”

The explosives were discovered during a maintenance check of the bus, and the local law enforcement officials and the CIA were called in to collect the materials. The officials also checked every bus at the school as a precaution.

Law enforcement agencies occasionally use schools for realistic training exercises, such as active-shooter drills.

“During the exercise, explosive training material was inadvertently left by the CIA K-9 unit in one of the buses used in the exercise,” the CIA said in a statement.

“CIA coordinated closely with local authorities and recovered the training material.”

The CIA and Loudoun County explosives experts have both claimed that the training material was stable and did not pose a danger to passengers on the bus.

This was backed up by a spokesman for the county schools, Wayde Byard, who said the putty-type material is designed for use on the battlefield and requires a special detonator. 

The CIA also said that to prevent such incidents from happening again, they have taken action to strengthen inventory and control procedures in their K-9 program.

“CIA will also conduct a thorough and independent review of CIA’s K-9 training program,” the intelligence agency said.