Company creates successful home-grown training program

by L&D20 Apr 2017
In the modern, fast-paced workplace, improving L&D can make all the difference in gaining the edge over an industry competitor.
One example of this is Engineered Profiles LLC – a leader in the thermoplastics industry. To step up its game on hiring, training and retaining a strong group of learners, it decided to try something different.
Rather than buying an off-the-shelf training program, the company developed its own, by turning highly skilled learners into trainers.
The first step in this process was creating a new branch out of its HR department that focused on blended learning – that is, combining theory with hands-on practice.
This not only improved new learners’ engagement, but allowed them to visualise a career path and see how their education could help them advance within the organisation.
To ensure the high quality of the training, the company chose the most efficient workers they had to do the job. This way, new learners with previous relevant experience could be fast-tracked through the process to get them on the production line faster.
As for those with no experience, the company provided step-by-step training, which included the learners being able to take certain materials home and also use audio and visual aids to help with retention.
So what were the results of this process?
According to the company, 22 of the 25 new operators trained under the program in 12 months are still on board.
Inspired by these results, Engineered Profiles has since expanded the program, using its expert trainers to prepare lesson plans for advanced extrusion technology, geared to current employees at all experience levels.
Teams also have helped develop training for other areas, such as material handling, blending and quality control.

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