Does technology help or hinder employee training?

by Brett Henebery26 Jun 2017
In today’s modern world, it is difficult to imagine employee training not involving some type of technology.

Whether it is instructional videos or gamified learning, technology has proven to be an effective L&D tool.

But amid the digital revolution sweeping workplaces the world over, some L&D professionals feel that a fundamental part of the training process is being overlooked: people.
Entrepreneur and best-selling author, Deep Patel, says that when it comes to learning, a hands-on approach still reigns supreme.
“There are a few reasons for this. First, there are some things you just can’t learn online, such as cooking specific dishes at a restaurant,” Patel told Forbes.
“Not only that, but learning something with someone else gives you a chance to do team-building, as well as gain a sense of accountability that you actually were shown how to do something.”
Patel says people have “a certain sense of pride” in learning something hands-on.
“It gives us the feeling we’ve gained knowledge we couldn’t have picked up anywhere else,” he said.
A report by CMI and Oxford Strategic Consulting found that younger managers are more likely to choose face-to-face training as opposed to digital learning.
The survey found that 69% of respondents believe that their organisation only offers digital management and leadership development to cut costs. That’s compared to just 20% who think it is actually used to improve the quality of teaching.
Still, Patel says the “optimal solution” is to mix both e-learning and hands-on activities in a meaningful way.
“Take the time to ensure that your employees are learning the right stuff, while simultaneously engaging with them on a personal level. Most importantly, reward them for their knowledge base and skill set,” he explained.
“After all, you’ve helped develop them into a valuable asset, one that’s arguably the most crucial to the success of your business. By bringing your knowledge together, you’re forming a business whose power could stand the test of time.”

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