E-learning company announces major changes

by L&D27 Apr 2016
The e‐Learning Company has announced lucrative new partnerships, which they feel will double their turnover to $6 million by the end of next year.
The Brisbane-based business has joined forces with the global content studio Cutting Edge Group, as well the Australian Institute of Management (AIM).
This approach will give The e‐Learning Company the capability to take its services international, particularly in the United States and using the Cutting Edge footprint already established in Asia.
“The e‐Learning Company has positioned itself within the fragmented market that currently exists, as the only e‐learning business to sit within a creative production company who work alongside Hollywood studios and have access to animators, creative directors, editing suits and audio suites – it is something no one in the e‐learning space has seen before,” said the director of Cutting Edge Group, Matt Lawson.
“Imagine a company aimed at resolving organisational issues through e‐learning with amazing and engaging graphics and creative concepts which wouldn’t be out of place in a Hollywood movie ‐ that right there is the future of engaging e‐learning for all employees.
“When it comes to creating e-learning that genuinely changes employee behaviour and helps people to get better at their jobs, it means creating something that will connect with people. Having access to the best creatives in the country means we can create those experiences like no other organisation.”
The e‐Learning Company is already working with Australian businesses such as The Coffee Club and G8 Education by helping them tailor staff training and development services.
The partnership with AIM motivated The e‐Learning Company to help registered training organisations take their face‐to‐face training into a blended learning environment and enable the training programs to be completed at a time that best meets the learner's needs.

The e-learning Company has also appointed Jason Aspinall as their new General Manager.