Entrepreneur launches skills training initiative

by Brett Henebery23 May 2017
Kalgoorlie born entrepreneur, Jared Nelson, has launched a new initiative aimed at helping Perth job seekers find their dream job.

The Perth-based program, called Behind the Wall, offers training, coaching, mentoring and consulting to the live events and other semi-skilled industries.

Participants will be provided with training courses, essential skills and knowledge to be able to approach employers with the confidence that they can be a helpful assistant and learn more on the job.

“My dream is to beat the age old problem of the employee that wants experience to get a job and an employer who wants an employee with experience,” Nelson said in a statement.

“Let’s give the job seeker a sneak peek Behind the Wall so they can walk the talk of the industry on their first day of the job.”

The core promises of the program are to provide the most current and industry relevant training and aim to mentor all participants throughout their career by pointing them in the right direction for employment and career advancement.

Dan Bright of CCA productions, a PA sound and equipment catering company, is optimistic about Nelson’s venture.

“If Jared’s training courses are anything like his on the job training and mentoring, the participants of his courses are in for some of the best training that money can buy,” Bright said.

Behind the Wall offers day time and evening courses which are run through the school term and more intensive retreat style courses during school holidays. The training will occur at purpose training facilities and live venues around Perth.

Nelson’s initiative recognises the research that shows many traditional jobs will soon be lost to AI and automation.

For example, a report by the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA), titled: Australia’s Future Workforce, revealed that nearly 40% of Australian jobs will be automated in 10-15 years.

To address this challenge on a national scale, the Australian Federal Government unveiled the $1.5bn Skilling Australians Fund in the 2017 Budget on May 9.

Federal Treasurer, Scott Morrison, said the fund will create up to an extra 300,000 apprentices over the next four years, delivering the skilled workforce Australian employers need to fill skills gaps and enable their businesses to grow.

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