Four tips for developing leaders

by Brett Henebery22 May 2017
Are traditional approaches to developing leaders delivering on their promise?

According to one Harvard Business report, these approaches are too detached from business operations and strategy, and focus on knowledge and skills to the neglect of values and mindsets.

So how can organisations better prepare their leaders to sustainably advance their competitive positions?

Andres Jonmundsson, head of learning and development at Fuji Xerox Australia, says one way that organisations can do this is through facilitating a training needs analysis to successfully develop leaders.

“This is always a good idea with specific attention to leadership engagement, culture, organisational strategy and executive leadership behaviours,” he told L&D Professional.

“Leadership development is crucial, but often expensive. The probability of success is predicated on a good understanding of the current environment and future business needs.”

Below, Jonmundsson shares four considerations that managers should keep in mind when developing their leaders.

1. Leadership engagement

Engaged leaders are advocates of development, becoming champions to embed learning. Disengaged leaders can do the opposite. Tread carefully with a disengaged leadership team.

2. Strong organisational culture

Organisational culture is linked to engagement – or more specifically – the learning culture. Are leaders self-directed or spoon fed? Do they arrive on time or late and is participation viewed as compliance or growth and development?

3. The organisational strategy needs to be considered

What is the current and future goals the organisation is hoping to achieve? Do the leadership capabilities meet these needs and are there priorities?

4. Executive behaviours should also be understood

The credibility of the training is in question if the executive team are not willing to mirror the changes being taught. Start at the top and gain executive advocacy.

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