Fun Friday: Odd-looking dog set to revolutionise vet training

by L&D03 Jun 2016

Meet the SynDaver Synthetic Canine.

The idea of this “skinless dog” is to provide trainee vets with an anatomically accurate platform to practice surgical procedures.

The canine is the creation of the biotechnology company SynDaver Labs based in Tampa, Florida, who hope to eliminate the practice of terminal surgery labs.

Terminal surgery labs involve teaching trainee vets how to perform surgeries on live, anesthetised shelter animals, and then euthanising them after the procedure.

Similar to the SynDaver Synthetic Human, the synthetic canine contains SynDaver’s patented SynTissue, which mimics living tissue.

The canine models contain fat, fascia planes, all bones, muscles, ligaments, fully articulating joints, and each of the bodily systems.

It also has the capability to simulate customised diseases, illnesses and medical complications.

Moreover, the company hopes to raise $24 million through their campaign page. If they are successful, SynDaver will provide up to 20 synthetic dogs to each accredited veterinary college around the world at no cost.

The canine has been praised by experts in the veterinary industry including Dr. Michael Blackwell, former chief veterinarian of the U.S. Public Health Service.

“A significant number of students do not care to be involved in terminal surgery procedures or the use of live animals when there is an alternative,” said Blackwell.

“I am so happy to have this change because that is where we need to be today.”

SynDaver has been working with the University of Florida, College of Veterinary Medicine throughout the development of th synthetic canine to create the most lifelike and realistic synthetic canine possible.

If SynDaver exceeds their $24 million crowdfunding goal, the company plans to begin working on the SynDaver Synthetic Feline next, followed by replicas of horses and cows.

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