Google pledges to train 1 million Africans

by L&D14 Apr 2016
Youth unemployment and a lack of digital innovation are just two of many challenges currently facing Africa.

To that end, Google is promising to train one million young Africans in digital skills within the next year.

The training will involve 300,000 people in South Africa, where 35% of 15-to-34-year-olds are unemployed.

It will also comprise 400,000 Nigerians and 200,000 Kenyans who will receive free digital training. Another 100,000 people will be chosen from other sub-Saharan African countries.

“Google is in Africa for the long haul and we are making an investment in talent,” Google South Africa country head Luke Mckend was quoted as saying by Bloomberg.

“We hope that the people trained will become pioneers in the field and do great things in digital for companies and for Google.”

Google has partnered with the youth agency Livity Africa to create the training initiative Digify, which has two components.
The first is called Digify Bytes and is a free online learning platform which Google has built.
It allows people to learn the content in short bite-size chunks at their own pace, in their own time.
The program has already put through 11,000 people in South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya.
The second component is a face-to-face training course called Digify Pro.
The stunning success of this program has seen the first 200 graduates all find employment.
“This three-month bootcamp is designed to give young black South Africans the digital skills required to be employed in an agency or corporate marketing department,” said Mckend.

McKend added that the graduates are taught digital skills that they can use immediately.
“The feedback I am getting from agency heads is that the Digify graduates are fantastic assets to their business, in some case even more so than the marketing graduates that they get,” he said.