Govt partners with businesses to improve local skills

by Brett Henebery16 Aug 2017
The Victorian Government has announced a partnership with some of the state’s largest businesses as part of a new initiative to deliver better work opportunities for the state’s jobseekers.

The JobsBank program will see Victoria’s businesses pledge roles in their organisation for those who typically find it hardest to get work, including family violence survivors, disengaged youth and those living with a disability.

Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews, referred to the initiative as “a dedicated jobs pipeline for the state’s most disadvantaged jobseekers.”

“JobsBank is about putting people first so that every Victorian can benefit from our jobs boom. We don’t want anyone left behind – that’s why we’re bringing together business, government and the community to create work for those who need it most,” he said.

The state’s job providers, such as welfare, community and employment placement organisations, will use the program to place their clients into meaningful work.

Tailored mentoring, training and development services will be available to help these jobseekers become job-ready, as will extra support for things like travel expenses, childcare and clothing.

A number of organisations including Bombardier, AGL and Linfox have already pledged roles, and the Premier today called on more of the state’s largest employers to help reach a target of 500 positions through JobsBank.

These roles will add to the more than 1,600 disadvantaged Victorians who have already found work through Jobs Victoria since the program was launched 10 months ago.

Victoria’s Minister for Industry and Employment, Wade Noonan, said that while the state leads the nation in terms of jobs growth, there’s always more to be done.

“JobsBank will give jobseekers the skills, experience and confidence they need to get work and keep it,” Noonan said.

The latest initiative follows the Victorian Government’s pledge of $1.5m in additional funding towards the YMCA Bridge Project, which is boosting skills for up to 1,500 people who are seeking sustainable work.

The funding, announced last week, will support programs providing training and mentoring for ex-offenders who are trying to readjust into society and find work.

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