‘Gus Fring’ releases new employee training video

by Brett Henebery09 May 2017
Last month, a new promo for hit TV series Better Call Saul featured Giancarlo Esposito (in character as the notorious meth kingpin, Gustavo Fring) delivering a training video for the employees of his fictional fried chicken franchise, Los Pollos Hermanos.

At the end of the video, “Gus” promised a series of follow-up videos. The most recent of these, released last week, addresses customer service.

“Today, I’m going to be talking about customer service. You should know by now that we always treat our customers with courtesy and respect,” he begins.

“But what do you do when they are not at their best?”

He goes on to share “a few simple” tricks to help staff handle problem customers.

In one example, a customer is angry because his order is incorrect, and venting his anger at the employee.

“While his tone is regrettable, his complaint is still valid. Apologise and correct the error. Don’t be too hard on yourself – mistakes happen. But never make the same mistake twice,” he adds, darkly.

In the event that the customer is still not satisfied, Fring says the employee should provide them with the mailing address where they can submit his complaint in writing.

“This customer is not just disrespecting you – he is disrupting other guests. He must be dealt with before his behaviour adversely impacts their Los Pollos Hermanos experience,” he says.

In the animated video that accompanies this advice, a pale and clearly shaken customer is seen returning from a brief meeting with Mr Fring before leaving the store.

“The most important thing is to avoid escalating the situation. Try calmly asking him to leave. Your safety, and the safety of our customers, is always the top priority.”

If feeling threatened, Fring says police should not be called. Instead, contact management and it will be handled immediately – and effectively.

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