How L&D is responding to workforce demands

by L&D07 Dec 2015
At the recent Learning and Development Masterclass in Sydney, Megan Johnston, Associate Director, Organisation Capability at Singtel Optus raised a quote attributed to the Deloitte 2013 Corporate Learning Factbook. 

It went as follows: "No longer is the L&D function 'the place' for learning; instead the role of the L&D team is to facilitate and enable learning."

Johnston went on to name eight characteristics for engaging learners.

Essentially, learning needs to be:
  • Easy to access
  • Mobile device ready
  • Fun
  • Social, collaborative, connecting
  • Competitive
  • Shared
  • Adaptive, flexible
  • Learner-led
Additionally, Rosie Cairnes, Regional Director – Australia and New Zealand at Skillsoft, told L&D Professional that it's especially important for learning to be short and exciting. 

“That’s why we all Google and YouTube because they are short and easy to consume," she said.

“If the learner is not interested and it’s not in a format that they respond to then there is no chance of development and there is no chance of change.”

In response to the rising demand for fast on-demand training opportunities, Skillsoft has announced a new digital course experience.

It features short video content, and allows users to access other resources including job aids, assessments, practice exercises and help from subject matter experts in an effort to reinforce and apply the learning. Apart from the library of courses in technical and digital skills topics, the video format includes business courses in topics such as personal and interpersonal communications, optimising team performance, critical thinking and emotional intelligence.

The three to five minute video topics can be accessed on desktops, tablets or mobile devices.