How one award-winning company puts the fun in L&D

by John Hilton10 May 2016
In part two of our interview with Shirley Cheong, Assistant Vice President, People Team, Changi Airport Group, we discuss how they make L&D fun, relevant and interesting.
LDP: How do you go about ensuring that your employees are learning a lot from your training and enjoying it?
SC: We recognise that different people learn best in different ways. While we have a mix of activities to cater to different learning styles, we find that the one thing in common that employees use to evaluate training is the value they believe they have gained through the training.
Such value could be in enabling them to perform better in their current jobs, developing capabilities that will prepare them for future roles, or gaining insights into their strengths and development gaps.
We are therefore very deliberate in ensuring that there is a clear learning value, for the organisation as well as the individuals who attend training.
At the same time, we believe in learning through play and we weave fun into training activities, sometimes in unexpected ways to create a positively surprising experience.
LDP: You mentioned you weave fun in your learning activities, can you provide examples of how you do that?
SC: Puzzle-solving games, in-class mobile pop-quizzes, and competitions are some of the ways we have incorporated fun into training activities. For example, groups compete to build and launch paper aeroplanes in one leadership program, or draw a picture to tell a story in another.
LDP: What parts of L&D do you find the most interesting and exciting?
SC: Every individual has amazing potential to learn and grow, and when presented with the opportunity at the right time, can achieve a lot more than what they believed.
The exciting role we play in learning and development is to identify and systematically put together a good balance of challenge and support to draw this potential out.
This includes taking a holistic approach that aligns our people structures, systems, policies and our culture.
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