How one company turbo-charged its onboarding process

by Brett Henebery16 Mar 2017
oOh!Media is an advertising company specialising in billboards, mobile, retail and experiential marketing. Given its recent initiatives to improve staff training, one might say it also specialises in L&D.

In 2016, the organisation introduced a new onboarding process that used the latest mobile onboarding technology, enboarder.

oOh!Media’s HR director, Steve Reid, told L&D Professional that the enboarder tool has helped “turbo-charge” the organisation’s onboarding process.

“The tool manages communication to a new employee, even before they start with us, and allows them to access information about oOh! and learn about us prior to day one,” he said.

“It also ensures that they access our learning management system very early in the piece, for compliance and other training.”

Reid said another other thing the enboarder tool allows the organisation to do is respond quickly to any issues that arise during the 1 week, 1 month or 3 month check-in, in terms of things that can be addressed through training or better access to information.

“In this way, it allows us to provide learning much earlier in an employee’s lifecycle, identify concerns quickly and address these expediently,” he said.

To help employees see the company’s willingness to invest in them and how they value innovation, the team introduced another initiative called the ‘oOh! Future Thinking Award’.

“The award is a learning scholarship program for the company’s brightest thinkers, which includes mentoring by a member of the oOh! senior management team, a content generation training program and tickets to South by Southwest (SXSW), an annual conglomerate of film, interactive media, and music festivals and conferences in Austin, Texas,” Reid said.

“The oOh! Future Thinking award is indicative of the oOh! Culture. We believe in Bold Dreams, Big Impact & Deep Connection.”

Reid added that the award encourages and recognises people who are innovative but who have also learnt from that innovation.

“It is only when innovation is driven at a cultural level that it can truly become embedded and part of every day. Self-nominations ensure people who apply are learning of their own free will – and initiative – no matter where this has occurred [ie. inside and outside of work],” he said.

“It recognises that learning and innovation is not a task, it actually cannot be separated from the whole person. Through sharing of their experiences we hope it inspires others to do the same.”