How one trivia game is boosting employee training

by Brett Henebery09 May 2017
The term ‘gamification’ first appeared in 2008, but it wasn’t until 2010 that it gained recognition in the L&D industry.

Since this time, organisations have used gamified learning to boost employee engagement and outcomes, and this way of training is now identified as one of the top trends shaping L&D across multiple organisations worldwide.

In learning systems, gamification is the process of adding game elements to learning software – a trend that, when used correctly, can boost employee engagement and outcomes.

Reports have shown that Millennials, who have grown up with video games and mobile technologies, are gravitating to this form or learning environment as opposed to more traditional ones.

Recognising this, one company has developed a trivia game which is now being used by major organisations seeking to embed training and improve the culture within their teams.

QuizJam – which was initially designed for charities and brands to engage with customers through a trivia game – created a sub-brand called ‘QuizJam for Teams’, which is built on real-time analytics.

This enables managers to quickly understand where the knowledge gaps are in their teams and therefore make fast and effective business decisions. Companies can also get access to live reports and analytics and can use this data to implement programs and to remedy any shortfalls.

One of the first organisations to use it was the Commonwealth Bank, which used the resource to drive employee engagement at its recent Virtual Team Day.

Sara Rasmussen, general manager of Organisational Development at CBA, said QuizJam assisted “in fostering virtual cross team collaboration and a sense of fun”.

“The app was very easy to use and over 96% of participants said that it increased their level of interaction and engagement on the day,” Rasmussen said in a statement.
QuizJam Founder, Joel Steel, said the decision to expand the platform from a trivia game to an L&D tool was “a natural progression” due to the functionality of the platform.

“To have one of Australia’s largest organisations be the first to use the platform was definitely a bit of a coup but proof that trivia can be used for more than just entertainment,” he said in a statement.

Steel added that QuizJam for Teams has the potential to grow significantly to complement its rise as the complete engagement solution.

“QuizJam for Teams can dramatically improve the retention of workplace training,” Steel said.

“The platform enables you to very quickly and simply create fun and engaging booster events which is proven to increase the retention of the training and therefore the ROI.”

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