How to prepare for ‘continuous candidates’

by L&D29 Sep 2016
More than half (59%) of Australian millennials are actively looking for their next job opportunity, according to recent research by ManpowerGroup Solutions.

Moreover, 53% of ‘continuous candidates’ in Australia believe every job is a short stop, with 20% of them applying to between three and nine jobs over six months.

And the main motivation for ‘continuous candidates’ is advancing their careers, said Karen Evans, Acendre’s APAC Managing Director.

Consequently, it’s really important for organisations to be focused on strong workforce planning and succession planning, Evans told L&D Professional.

“If you have got a strong workforce plan that tells you the scenarios that are going to potentially impact your organisation in the future, you can then have a really strong succession plan in place,” said Evans.

“This gives all employees a view of where they can take their careers within the organisation which is a really critical component.”

Evans said this is true not just for ‘continuous candidates’, but also for employee engagement and really getting the best out of your entire workforce.

“There is a lot being talked about at the moment around the future of work and younger generations having many different careers in their lifetime,” said Evans.  

For instance, they are now able to do many different things remotely. She added that organisations need be capable of putting aside some of the more traditional workplace methods, such as making employees come into the office, sit at their desk, do their job and go home.

“We’re really talking about engaging staff to keep them as long as we can, then we need to look at the succession planning, the development of them into those opportunities, the way that people are going to expect to work and how we can support that,” said Evans.

“A key component of succession planning is that really strong management of teams and the regular effective reviews of those teams.

“Continuous conversations or more formal performance reviews are also important where you are really targeting what people do best, what they want to do and how you can really guide them for what the organisation needs.”

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