Inadequate training lands Kiwi employer in court

by L&D24 Mar 2017
Consider the example of an employer who provides inadequate training to a learner who, upon becoming frustrated with a computer issue they cannot resolve, asks for a transfer and is subsequently dismissed because no other roles are available.

This case – Auckland Provincial District Local Authorities Offices IUOW v Mount Albert City Council – was heard before a court in New Zealand, and illustrates why organisations should pay very close attention to staff training.

The Employment Court held that the employer failed in its duties to the employee by not providing adequate training in management skills and in the new computer system, and by leaving her to work without adequate supervision or instruction.

The failure by the employer was considered to amount to a breach of the implied term of the employment agreement that the employer would provide all that was reasonably necessary in carrying out the overall purpose of the contract.

While generous L&D budgets may be a pipedream for many L&D practitioners – especially those in smaller organisations or the not-for-profit sector – organisations can achieve impressive results on a shoestring budget.

Tony Roddan, Rural Fire Training Manager, New Zealand Fire Service, will be sharing his insights into budget management at the Learning and Development Masterclass returning to Auckland in May.