Is your organisation future-proof?

by Brett Henebery22 Aug 2017
In report launched today by Sunsuper, almost three-quarters of Australian workers said their company needs to change to better prepare for the future.

The Sunsuper 2017 Australian Employee Insights Report is based on research conducted with more than 1,000 Australians throughout 2017 by Galaxy Research, for Sunsuper. The report also found that Millennials were more on board with organisational change (76%) than their Baby Boomer peers (66%).

“Two-thirds of employees who recently went through a change in their workplace said overall it was well handled, although nearly a quarter also said it was a very stressful experience,” Sunsuper’s Head of People, Simone Blumberg, said.

“Change cannot be avoided, despite it being a great cause of stress.”

Blumberg said that when implementing a change, and to minimise stress, adequately planning, engaging and communicating with employees at all levels of the organisation is key to the change implementation being a success.

“Often the most integral people to a change process aren’t necessarily those at the top,” she said.
“Most employees preferred to learn about changes by their direct manager in a regular meeting forum and less than fifth (16%) wanted to be told via email.”

Blumberg said the Sunsuper 2017 Australian Employee Insights Report also reveals how Australian’s value company culture, wellbeing benefits and diversity policies in the workplace.

Other key findings from the 2017 Australian Employee Insights Report:

  • 77% of females believe equal gender representation at leadership improves company culture compared to 57% of males
  • Only 7% of workers don’t consider an employer’s culture when looking for a new job
  • 66% of workers believe their culture is built by management top down
  • 89% high-income earners would leave their employer if they don’t like their company culture
  • 25% of employees see the well-being benefits on offer from an employer as very important when they look for a new job
  • Baby Boomers are 21% more likely than their Gen Y peers to know how to access well-being benefits at their workplace
Organisational change:
  • 3% of employees say they’ve never been through organisational change
  • 72% of employees believe their company could do with a change to better prepare for the future.
Retirement snapshot:
  • 63% of Australians don’t have a plan for how they’ll live in retirement, but 73% think they’ll use the age pension

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