Is your organisation taking advantage of employee knowledge?

by L&D18 Nov 2016
A new study in the USA has indicated the degree to which knowledge, expertise and experience that is shared between employees is not being formally captured by training programs and traditional learning management systems.
The report, carried out by Austin-based training company speachme, essentially suggests that companies are not tapping into one of their most valuable resources for training: their employees. This means that when employees leave, their knowledge leaves with them.
According to the research, 47 per cent of employees believed they could create superior employee training in comparison to the training they are provided. It was found that 58 per cent of employees were not provided with the tools to create their own training content.
The study, titled The Untapped Training Resource: Employees, consulted more than 500 full-time employees at companies with more than 500 employees. As well as highlighting that knowledge and expertise leaves when employees do, the research found that workers want to be recognised for their skills and performance in ways other than financial compensation. One in four employees surveyed wanted to be recognised by being offered more responsibility and/or the opportunity to train others.
Other significant findings from the study include:
  • 82 per cent of employees share 'important' information with co-workers in ways in which the information is not formally captured
  • 68 per cent of employees were not trained by the individual they replaced
  • 49 per cent of workers have never trained someone who is taking over their position
  • 61 per cent of employees have seen a colleague leave a company without their knowledge being documented
"We live in an age of user-generated content but training programs are not tapping the opportunity for employee-generated content," said speachme CEO Najette Fellache.
"The insights we gained from today’s workers show that a bottom-up approach to capturing critical skills and knowledge that employees hold and transferring to others can benefit not just companies’ knowledge base, but better informed workers."