‘It’s like curating an art gallery’: L&D at Assetlink

by John Hilton09 Nov 2015
Learning and development at the integrated facilities service provider Assetlink is a blend of online and face-to-face programs. It consists of a series of strands including cleaning, security, maintenance, concierging, customer service, and leadership, said Wayne Gobert, Assetlink’s head of people and culture.

It is also made up of stages, starting with a pre-onboarding piece where they ensure people are compliant.

“Before they start to work with us we make sure they’re visa compliant, and that they have covered bullying, harassment and safety. That’s the online component,” he said.

“Then we have a piece that helps the employees onboard, which includes talking about the company values and our culture because we are a family business and that’s important to us,” he added.   

Further, there is a site induction piece where they are oriented to one of over 1,100 sites which they are responsible for.

“On large sites like Sydney Airport, for example, we can do a lot more face-to-face training, but for other sites, which are dispersed, they tend to be more online,” he said.

“You can imagine with that many sites they are all quite different, as we have to meet client requirements.”

Then Assetlink have toolbox talks which are for the employees to stay up to date with ongoing developments and the law.

The company also have development programs such as Leader Ready. Anyone who wants to be in a leadership role has to complete it and it covers things like the Fairwork Act and safety.

Assetlink also have an intranet, iLink, which is connected to a learning management system and is written in a style that’s very visual. There are more pictures than words and it can be translated into over 70 languages. Gobert compared iLink to curating an art gallery.

“You put art up and you see who likes it and who doesn’t. The pictures are often rotating, so we curate our intranet. When we first started it nobody went there. You have got to keep the learning offerings relevant, rotating and interesting," he said.

“During the soccer world cup we had a section about employment relations and the quizzer was a goal shooter.

“If we have a compliance requirement then the reality is that without a quiz or an assessment process you don’t know what standards are being reached. The trick is to make it relevant and interesting."

We also have lots of signposts through the iLink so we help people find their way through it, Gobert added.

“I think it’s really important that people are presented with stuff that one: makes them safe, two: helps the organisation, three: gives our customers a better experience, and four: works for the team and the individual. There is nothing sweeter than getting all that right.”