L&D opportunities trumps high salary, prestige, say young people

by L&D09 Feb 2016
Think a high income or status are the most important things that university students take into account when selecting a company to work at? Think again.

According to a survey by GradAustralia, the top responses for what they look for in an employer are good career prospects, good employer leadership style, training and development, and personal development.

The aforementioned qualities were selected either important or very important by 95% of respondents.

In contrast, a high starting salary, and status & prestige were nominated by just 66% and 63% respectively.

These results show that students are looking for employers who will nurture and train them, GradAustralia, Director Jeffery Duncan told News.com.au.

This was consistent with another GradAustralia survey which discovered that just 53% of respondents said their university degrees provided them with necessary skills.

“Students are looking for employers train them, develop and plug what they see as a skill gap,” said Duncan.

Additionally, the results indicated university students are also focused on developing as a person.

Moreover, the results found that Google finished first in the Top 100 Graduate Employer Rankings list for the second consecutive year.

The GradAustralia survey was completed by more than 6000 students.

The top 10 graduate employers identified by GradAustralia included:

1. Google
2. Deloitte Australia
3. Commonwealth Bank
4. EY
5. PwC Australia
7. Microsoft
8. Dept. of Foreign Affairs and Trade
9. BHP Billiton
10. Accenture
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