Lawyers trained to "polish up their human skills"

by L&D25 May 2016
Meet ROSS.

The global law firm Baker & Hostetler has just 'hired' ROSS, the world’s first artificially intelligent attorney, to help with their bankruptcy practice.

ROSS’s responsibilities include monitoring thousands of legal documents to boost the firm’s cases, and responding to questions with a hypothesis backed by references and citations.

The robot lawyer can also notify human counterparts about recent court decisions that might impact their cases.

ROSS can even learn on the job and be more productive as people interact with it.

Due to innovations like ROSS, firms are becoming increasingly aware of demonstrating the strengths of human lawyers to clients.

For instance, 50 lawyers from Vario, the legal resourcing branch of the law firm Pinsent Masons, have recently been trained in London to “polish up their human skills”.

The one-hour emotional intelligence training has lawyers learning how to create the right impression, how to build relationships and fit in, and how to build a personal brand.

Indeed, the time has come for lawyers to seriously consider how to differentiate themselves from their robot counterparts, said the director of Vario, Matthew Kay.

“We’re in an almost futuristic age,” he was quoted as saying by The Telegraph (UK).

“Forming close and meaningful relationships with clients has always been hugely important in the legal sector, but with the rise of artificial intelligence and robots carrying out tasks in law firms, it will become more vital than ever for firms to ensure all their lawyers sharpen their own emotional intelligence.”

The training focuses on two main subjects: people and relationships, and drivers and emotions. 

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