Man gives his wife a ‘spousal performance review’

by L&D01 Jul 2016
“Fill the car when the needle is pointed at E."

“We are not a hotel for your family. Charge them if they must stay more than 24 hours. Meals are not included.”

The above is just some of the feedback a man has given his wife on a “spousal performance review” which he has published on Reddit.

Why would anyone even consider doing such a thing?

‘Wolpfack’ said it was because his wife “said we need to run our house more like a business".

And he did not hold back. Wolpfack rated his wife as ‘excellent’ when it came to creativity and meals.

She was also rated as ‘good’ for honesty, productivity, work quality, work consistency, enthusiasm, attitude, overall quality spousal relations and communication skills.

However, he wasn’t that impressed with her entertainment choices, initiative or dependability, which he rated as ‘fair’.

And as for technical skills, cooperation and punctuality, he rated them all as ‘poor’.

He even added a 2017 "performance improvement plan", under which he made a series of suggestions including: “De-program Lifetime Movie Networks, Bravo and E! from the remote control”.

The review included the period from June 1, 2015 to June 22, 2016.

One Reddit user, lutiana, commented that it was a good idea, as long as it was executed well.

 “Well the review process for employees, when done right, is all about helping them improve in all areas. So it actually makes sense that it could help a relationship if done right,” said lutiana.

“That said, most employers I've worked for use them for either telling people they are crap at what they do, or patting themselves on the back for hiring a good worker.”

Other readers were less than impressed:

“Overall Quality Spousal Relations may soon be switching to ‘Fair’, said one user.

"Guess who's sleeping in the doghouse," said saargrin.

Another user, K3rfknpwnly, had already tried Wolpfack’s experiment:

“Lol. I was messing with my fiancee like this awhile back, she is a manager and has reviews every so often with her employees, so we started joking about doing that to each other,” said K3rfknpwnly.

“It actually did help me out a little bit, we picked back up some of the smaller things we used to do for each other. Back rubs, flowers, and such. A joke turned into pretty good communication.”

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