Mentoring is vital for advancing women in IT, claims survey

by L&D07 Mar 2016
Mentoring programs have proven to be a big factor in providing opportunities for women in senior IT roles.

Indeed, 65% of Australian IT leaders have seen the prevalence of female technology professionals in their business increase over the past five years, according to a new survey by Robert Half.
This was compared to just 42% who have seen an increase in France, 36% in Germany and 31% in Japan.
Moreover, Australian CIOs said the key ways they develop female technology leaders is driven by mentoring programs (33%), greater enrolment in technology education (26%) and government initiatives (23%).

“While it’s a bright outlook for Australian women looking to build a career in technology, there is still a lack of female leaders in senior management and more needs to be done to continue boosting the number of women in leadership roles,” said Nicole Gorton, director at Robert Half Asia Pacific.
“Nurturing this early interest through education and through mentoring programs will assist women to identify opportunities in the technology sector and create pathways to future leadership roles.”
The survey involved the input of 900 Chief Technology Officers and Chief Information Officers.

It also found that the growth of female IT professionals in Australia seems to be higher in medium companies (76%) than in small (62%) and large (58%) businesses.
The following table shows the extent to which female technology professionals and leaders have increased around the world.

In the last 5 years, has the prevalence of female technology professionals and leaders in your business increased, decreased or stayed the same?
  All Countries Australia France Germany Hong Kong Singapore UK Japan
Increased 44% 65% 42% 36% 42% 49% 52% 31%
Stayed the same 37% 21% 38% 51% 40% 32% 34% 37%
Decreased 18% 14% 21% 14% 18% 19% 14% 32%
Source: independent survey commissioned by Robert Half

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