Midwinter announces new training platform

by L&D09 Jun 2016

The technology provider Midwinter has launched ‘The Midwinter Academy,' a training portal that gives financial advisers and their support staff in Australia the chance to learn any time, anywhere and on any device.

Andrew McClelland, Chief of Technology and Executive Director at Midwinter, said that over the last ten years they’ve noticed a major increase in demand for training and support that’s digital rather than traditional methods like written manuals and face-to-face training days/sessions.

McClelland added that staff training can be a burden for principals, but at the same time it’s “completely necessary”, because the better your staff know the software they are using, the more efficiently they can perform their role.

“Sometimes it is just not feasible to send your staff out of the office for a whole day and for those planners in regional areas – it can be very hard to undertake regular face-to-face software training,” said McClelland.

“So with this in mind, The Midwinter Academy will mitigate these issues and provide users from all over the country a seamless and effective way to learn how to best utilise their software subscription without ever having to leave the office.”

Specifically, users will be able to learn as they go so they can train at their own pace and have their progress saved and filed under their unique profile.

“With the introduction of FOFA, advisers have moved from a 'reasonable basis' world to a 'safe harbour' world where they must act in the best interests of the client. With advisers having a formal obligation to act in their client’s best interest, the importance of strategy and scenario modelling has now taken centre stage," said McClelland.

“With increased complexity of strategies, advisers are turning to their software providers for assistance in modelling those strategies. This is where the Midwinter Academy will provide additional value add for advice practitioners, as it will ensure easy access to even complex modelling training.

"By creating the Midwinter academy, we have developed a state of the art one stop training shop, where users are able to login into one intuitive, simple and easy to navigate portal."