Military employee alleges sexual assault during secret training program

by L&D05 Feb 2016
A Special Air Services trooper has made the claim that he was sexually assaulted by his instructor during a secret training program in 2006.

Evan Donaldson was allegedly put through “conduct after capture” training in which he suffered injuries that resulted in traumatic stress disorder.

He said the incident involved him being blindfolded, handcuffed and wearing a thin hospital gown.

After Donaldson asked to go the toilet, an instructor brutally assaulted him.

Donaldson told ABC News he partially tripped because he couldn't see where he was going.

“Of course they have to escort you and one of the guards assaulted me with his knee to my buttocks, which resulted in a tear and bleeding,” he said.

Donaldson’s wife Phoebe has come with him to Canberra where he will be speaking to politicians about the experience and the challenges of dealing with the military bureaucracy.

"I hope that what we've gone through will stop it happening to other people and that the wider public can see what their country is doing to their heroes," said Phoebe.

Donaldson said his family was seeking compensation due to the huge debts as a result of years of legal bills and a lack of wages.

Further, independent senator Nick Xenophon said that what Donaldson was forced to endure was “nothing short of a travesty of justice”.

"What he has gone through has been appalling,” he was quoted as saying by ABC News.

“Defence needs to sort this out as a matter of urgency.”

Meanwhile, Independent Senator Jacqui Lambie used her parliamentary privilege in the Senate to accuse the Army of attempting to discredit Donaldson and end his career in the SAS.

She claimed that senior Army figures illegally tried to change his rank, strip him of wages and spread information about his careers that was untrue.


Lack of training enabled ongoing sexual harassment, says employee