Mother pumping breast milk on Jetstar flight calls for further training

by L&D26 Apr 2016
Queensland mum Natalie Jane Sawyer has called for Jetstar staff to be trained in women’s rights as breastfeeding mothers.  
The comments come after the mother of three was asked to cover up while pumping milk on a flight from Brisbane to Townsville.
Sawyer said on Facebook that during the flight she was given a back row to herself to express while passengers were seated and the seatbelt signs were on.
"I began pumping as soon as all the passengers were seated and was almost finished pumping by the time the seat belt sign was turned off,” she said.
However, a crew member requested the cover-up because people coming down the aisle would soon be visiting the bathroom.
Sawyer acknowledged that the attendent asked politely, however she claimed the request was still out of line.
On Jetstar’s Facebook page she added: “I had a pumping bra on so no part of my boobs could be seen and a shirt covering my pumps.
“It shouldn't matter anyway if I was covered because legally I have a right to pump anywhere anytime I want and if I feel the need to cover up I will do so and not because people have to walk down the aisle to the toilet.
“I think you (Jetstar) might need to retrain your staff in my rights as a breastfeeding mother.”
In response, Jetstar apologised and said they will work with their crew and remind them of their breastfeeding policy to prevent similar incidents happening to mothers

L&D Professional recently reported that Starbucks in the UK are teaching staff in all of its 800+ UK stores how to take a more parent-friendly approach to serving customers.
The idea was to train employees to provide an environment where mothers can feed their babies without being judged. 
For example, employees might offer comfortable and private seating, help carry equipment, and safely warm milk bottles.
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