New York workers to get transgender training

by L&D27 Jun 2016
Do you know what LGTBQI actually stands for?

Those who answered ‘lesbian, gay, transgender, bisexual, queer/questioning and intersex’ would be correct.

That’s just one of the things that firefighters and medics in New York are being taught as part of two-hour sensitivity training.

The training was launched recently by the city Commission for Human Rights.

It comes after an executive order was signed which allowed people to use any public bathroom or locker room they identified with.

The training includes learning correct terminology and how to ask for a person’s preferred pronoun.

“People need to learn to not be afraid to ask someone who is transitioning genders what their pronoun is,” a Commission for Human Rights spokesman was quoted as saying by The New York Post.

The trainees also learn which words not to use and what the difference between gender identity and gender expression is.

Moreover, employees of city pools have also started training for the opening of the summer swim season. This is particularly important because gender sensitivity issues are more likely to occur in bathrooms and locker rooms.

“It’s especially important for Parks employees (to take the training) because they work in a place that involves changing clothes,” said a commission spokesman.

It was also reported this month that Jersey City police officers are undergoing two-hour training sessions on the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

The training involved the police learning why they should be careful to use the right pronoun when speaking to a transgender person.

In Australia, there is a campaign underway by the Diversity Council of Australia (DCA) to encourage people to use language at work which is respectful, accurate, and relevant to everyone.

The most controversial example from the campaign has been the use of the word “guys” which the DCA claims is gendered and can make women feel left out. More obvious offensive language identified in the video includes “abo”, “retard”, “poofter”, “fag” and “dyke”.

“For some time I have been advocating that everyone in our society, from all genders, races, creeds, ages, disabilities, religions or sexual orientations, be given a chance to achieve their potential,” said the Australian of the Year and Chair of the DCA David Morrison.

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