Opinion: Microlearning and millennials are made for each other

by Paul Findlay04 Apr 2016
Constant competition for our attention in the digital age and the YouTube generation’s attachment to the short video format are contributing to the rising popularity of microlearning
For Millennials learning in the workplace, training should not only talk sense but also engage the senses.
It’s a no-brainer to augment instructor-led, classroom-style training with animated videos about three minutes long.
Research shows that if you hear something, in three days you will have about 10% retention. Add a picture and retention will be six times better.
While today’s information foragers are search and click experts, we know that the best learning comes when people make a choice to use the material.
Microlearning by video is increasingly effective because it can be used flexibly and easily. But the videos must sustain interest by being appealing and engaging, pacy and succinct.
Video is a powerful tool in education because it can ease three of the biggest barriers to training – cost, time and geography.
The popularity of bite-sized online training is rising because it’s available on devices from the desktop and laptop to tablets and smartphones. It’s ready whenever the user wants.
As an organisation focused on innovation, we’re continuously scouring the marketplace for training solutions that match the trends in the world of professional development.
PD Training recently introduced to our suite of training materials the pearls of wisdom ® series of videos created by UK-based international training provider Eliesha.
We have 200 pearls of wisdom ® on essential management and leadership topics that deliver timely and relevant nuggets of knowledge to time-deprived learners of all ages.
Thirteen subject categories include authentic and ethical leadership; understanding and excelling at change; developing self; performance management; coaching and mentoring; motivation; effective communication; team building; strategy and organisation; leadership and management styles; project management, critical thinking and creative thinking.
Microlearning could be part of the solution for managers seeking to attract and retain talented young Millennials.
Deloitte’s recent annual survey of 7,000 Millennials showed that nearly 63% believe their leadership skills are not being fully developed and 71% of those expecting to leave their employer in the next two years gave that as a reason for their expected departure.
We’ve all heard the doubled-edged training story of the CIO asking the CEO ‘what happens if we train all these people and then they leave?’ And the CEO’s answer ‘what happens if we don’t and they stay?’
Training is a long-term asset for your company, something ignored by companies managing for the short-term. Microlearning provides additional resources to traditional learning programs in line with the behaviours and customs of contemporary learners.

Paul Findlay is the managing director of PD Training.