Revealed: L&D’s greatest priority for 2016

by L&D04 Mar 2016
Transforming learning has come out on top as the number one priority for L&D professionals in 2016, according to a new survey.

Other major priorities included understanding modern learners and equipping L&D for the future.

The survey by the global research and benchmarking organisation Towards Maturity involved the input of 160 L&D practitioners.

The reason why L&D professionals were asked to prioritise where they want to take action, is to help them take the first step, said Laura Overton, Managing Director at Towards Maturity.

“Time and again, L&D as an industry is failing to see the organisational impact of its activities and we have now reached a crunch point,” Overton was quoted as saying by The Training Journal.

“Focusing on just one thing that will make a difference in the year ahead will help L&D professionals do something about it.”

The following are the top five priorities facing L&D professionals at the moment.
  1. Transforming Learning - 30%
  2. Understanding Modern Learners - 22%
  3. Equipping L&D for the Future - 20%
  4. Prioritising Actions - 15%
  5. Increasing Business Buy-in - 13%
Moreover, the latest Towards Maturity Industry Benchmark Report also showed the following results:
  • 89% seek benefits related to efficiency – but only 41% are achieving this
  • 88% seek improved individual processes – 39% are achieving this
  • 91% seek improved productivity and engagement – 29% are achieving this
  • 88% seek improved business responsiveness – 24% are achieving this
  • 89% seek an improved learning culture – 21% are achieving this
Meanwhile, L&D Professional is running a poll to find out the greatest challenges which are facing L&D practitioners.

At the time of writing, ‘Dealing with change’ is leading the way (20%), closely followed by ‘Designing training programs’ (18%).