Singapore government announces training subsidy for key sector

by John Hilton10 Nov 2015
A new leadership training programme has been announced for workplace safety and health managers (WSH) in Singapore in the hope of making safety jobs more attractive.

It is a one-year course and will commence next year with a group of 50 WSH middle management officers. The idea is to teach the participants skills such as managing crisis and change, and how to negotiate with senior executives.

The WSH Leadership programme was announced at the 13th Annual Workplace Safety and Health Officers Conference by the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) and the Singapore Institution of Safety Officers (Siso).

Those who have at least eight years’ experience in the field and who are registered with the Ministry of Manpower qualify for 45% of the $2,800 course fee subsidised by the Employment and Employability Institute if they are Singaporeans or permanent residents.

The programme is hoped to give safety officers a “clearly defined career progression pathway” and attract more people into the line of work, Siso president Seet Choh San was quoted as saying by The Straits Times.

He added that it could help to compete for senior positions with foreign talent from other countries. There are currently 3,500 WSH professionals registered in Singapore.

The conference's guest of honour was NTUC secretary-general Chan Chun Sing. He talked about the need to improve the workplace safety culture focusing on instinct to keep employees safe, in addition to rules and checklists.

“Machines can be safer only if the man behind the machine has the correct mindset. Methods cannot replace vigilance; they must not be a crutch.”