Singapore launches $27m Innovative Learning 2020 strategy

by John Hilton05 Nov 2015
The Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) has launched a $27 million program called Innovative Learning 2020 (iN.Learn 2020).

The $27 million will be spent over the next three years to drive learning innovation in the workplace.

In this time the WDA will finance up to 20 projects using technology in adult learning through two grants (InnovPlus and the Continuing Education and Training Innovation Fund).

Under InnovPlus, contests will be organised to solve Continuing Education and Training (CET) related issues faced by the CET community or by a specific industry sector.

The issues will then be posted online to crowd-source for solutions, with prize money and a potential grant to develop prototypes over three to six months.

One example of the technology in action in the field of nursing includes a mobile app that's used to learn the steps to resuscitate a patient, and to understand post-operation care.

A virtual reality game - which is already being used at Jurong Health Services – has been effective in reducing constraints in booking training facilities.

The WDA hopes that all Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications training providers will deliver at least 75% of their full qualifications (while using online and other forms of learning) by 2020.

WDA chief executive Ng Cher Pong said that young learners generally prefer learning from technology which gives them the flexibility to learn anytime and anywhere.

“iN Learn 2020 is a key SkillsFuture Initiative led by WDA to drive innovation in CET, in order to meet the dynamic learning needs of enterprises and individuals,” he said.

“Under iN Learn 2020, WDA will work closely with CET stakeholders and training partners to enhance the quality, accessibility and effectiveness of learning.

“We aim to build a vibrant CET ecosystem that taps on technology and innovation to make learning a seamless part of work and living.”