Singapore: 'The most interesting place to be an L&D professional’, says expert

by John Hilton06 Apr 2016
The island city-state of Singapore is the most interesting place in the world to be an L&D professional, according to Bob Aubrey, managing partner of Bob Aubrey Associates, and author of the new book Measure of Man.
Aubrey has lived and worked in a variety of countries including France and China. He moved to Singapore to station the global headquarters of his company there. However, there were other reasons as well.
“It was also because I wanted to be able to reach this region of 60% of the human population (if you count India, China and Southeast Asia) so I said 'this is the place to be',” he told L&D Professional.
“In Singapore, there are a lot of L&D conferences, a lot publications, there are a lot of challenges and for me it’s the most interesting place to be an L&D professional.”
Aubrey said that many companies are still coming into the country, so it’s not as if the market for L&D professionals is in decline.
“If you’re a multinational company or a big Asian company from the region then you are talking about using Singapore as a base for coordinating Asian strategies," he said.
“So we have a lot of very high-level L&D professionals in Singapore rather than the other regions because this is where the regional headquarters are.

"Also, the Singapore government is investing a lot of money in trying to upgrade the level of L&D for Singpaoreans." 

Indeed, one their initiatives announced late last year involvded a $45 million budget for a mentorship programme for small and medium enterprises with the intention of consolidating their L&D capabilities.
Aubrey’s entire career has been in the field of L&D, a choice he made because he is fascinated by personal development.
“I just find that the capability of people to change, to learn, and to make something of themselves is fantastic," he said.
“So if you are in the area of helping people to do that or giving them resources, I find that is extremely rewarding and it still fascinates me to see what works and what doesn’t work.”


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