Social dialogue can solve workplace fairness problems: Ryder

by L&D13 Dec 2016
Speaking at the launch of “Promoting Social Dialogue and Harmonious Industrial Relations in the Bangladesh Ready-Made Garment Industry” in Dhaka yesterday, International Labour Organization Director-General Guy Ryder named social dialogue as a tool to strengthen workplace fairness.

“Social dialogue is a problem solver and mechanism, ensuring fairness at work and positive outcome in the economy through entrepreneurial success and national development,” said Ryder. He cited wages, worker relocation problems, and the role of women in the RMG sector as potential problems that can be solved through social dialogue.

Funded by Sweden and Denmark governments, the project launched by the Bangladesh government seeks to improve workplace relations in the apparel sector by encouraging dialogue among the government, workers, and employers.

According to State Minister for Labour and Employment Mujibal Haque, there exists a lack of trust between workers and owners in Bangladesh’s industrial sector. Hence, he emphasized the need for workers to be aware of their rights and responsibilities.

Both Denmark and Sweden’s representatives also stressed the need for developing partnerships between workers and owners through functioning dialogue in order to create a better-working atmosphere.

The project also paved the way for the establishment of Worker Resource Centres that could help trade unions operate more effectively.

“This project will also eventually strengthen social dialogue for the betterment of workers as well as sustainable industrialisation,” concluded Kutubuddin Ahmed, secretary general of IndustriAll Bangladesh Council.