Study reveals big changes in workplace learning

by Brett Henebery03 Feb 2017
A new report has highlighted big changes in the way employees expect workplace learning to be delivered.

The study was released by Kineo – a company helping the world's leading businesses improve performance through learning and technology – and titled Learning Insights 2017.

The report explores the challenges and preoccupations of L&D professionals as well as celebrating their steps forward to achieve goals. Over 200 people contributed to this report through interviews and an online survey, making it the widest-ranging to date.

One of the areas that the report examined was how well L&D professionals are keeping pace with the advances in technology and the strategies required to benefit from these changes.

Last month, Randstad Australia and New Zealand CEO, Frank Ribuot, said organisations are adopting increasingly sophisticated digital strategies to maintain a competitive edge and deliver a superior customer experience, but the workforce is not feeling confident their employer is keeping them up to speed with the pace of change.

While Ribuot’s concerns might have been valid, the report revealed that L&D professionals are indeed keeping pace with these changes – an encouraging sign amid what has been a time of upheaval for most organisations.

Key findings included the increasing importance of interactive video as a tool to improve learning and development strategy. This technology was cited by over two-thirds of L&D professionals as being “essential or important” to their delivery toolkit.

Another type of technology taking on increased relevance to L&D teams is Virtual Reality (VR), which is among the most popular kinds of new technology being deployed in workplaces.

The report pointed out that as learners become more and more used to the way they consume information in their everyday lives – whether that’s using apps, interacting with video ads or trying out VR with the likes of Google Cardboard – there’s more expectation for workplace learning to be delivered in a similar way.

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