The downside of winning support for L&D

by L&D10 Oct 2016
While most L&D practitioners understand the importance of getting buy-in for L&D programs, persuading management about the benefits of L&D can also have its drawbacks.
“Divisional heads can sometimes be so convinced that they see training as a panacea or magic bullet for organisational problems” said Edyta Bednorz, conference producer with Key Media.
“Which is why we decided to include a session in our L&D masterclass on how to take a balanced approach to persuade managers to support training programs without making overpromises about the results” said Bednorz.
The L&D masterclass, which ran for the first time last year, is returning to Sydney with a new agenda on 30 November 2016.
To help L&D practitioners to moderate management expectations, the masterclass will address the following topics:
·         How to get managers to buy into L&D programs and take responsibility for their results
·         Educating managers about the importance of pre-learning conversations
·         Beyond the classroom – Getting managers to engage in post-learning initiatives
·         How to moderate expectations without talking yourself out of budget
Delegates are being encouraged to register now to take advantage of early bird pricing.