The drivers of employee happiness

by Brett Henebery02 Mar 2017
A new report by specialised recruitment company Robert Half reveals the true drivers behind learners’ happiness and how businesses can nurture a positive work culture.

The report – titled: It’s time we all work happy™: The secrets of the happiest companies and employees – is based on the results of an online survey of more than 23,000 workers in eight countries, including Australia.

The report provides a detailed analysis at what really matters to employees, the link between happiness and performance, and specific steps employers can take to increase learner satisfaction.

The good news is that learners are happy at work.

On a happiness scale of 0-100, they score 70. See below the top three drivers of happiness for the various groups we surveyed.

In a statement this week, David Jones, Senior Managing Director at Robert Half Asia Pacific, said most business leaders acknowledge that workplace happiness has a tangible impact on productivity and profitability.

“Happy employees tend to be more engaged, loyal, creative and productive than their less-satisfied counterparts,” Jones said.

“Creating a positive culture that engages employees and boosts satisfaction levels, enables companies to remain competitive and directly impacts the bottom line.”

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