The future of learning at BMW

by John Hilton30 Jun 2016
L&D Professional interviews Axel Pannes, managing director of BMW Group Asia, for his insights.

LDP: Where do you see the future of learning going at BMW?

AP: Strategy NUMBER ONE > NEXT will lead the BMW Group into a new era of mobility where one main focus is on consistently achieving further advances in the fields of electric mobility and automated driving.

With this comes the requirement to train our dealers on the latest in electric and plug-in hybrid technology that is enveloped by the body of the vehicle and therefore can’t be seen.

This type of training requires new delivery methods such as 3D interactive training. BMW is already using 3D glasses to train its dealers in plug-in hybrid technology and provide them the opportunity to experience the hidden core of the new hybrid models in a way that feels up close and personal.

This form of training is the easiest way to make technology tangible and facilitates retention of information and comprehension of the new technology.

We foresee increased use of virtual and interactive films in training courses in order for easier and quicker understanding of complex correlations and processes.

LDP: How do you go about ensuring that your employees are learning a lot from your training and enjoying it?

AP: We use post-training surveys and feedback forms to understand if employees found trainings useful and how we can improve. 

LDP: What are some of the greatest challenges you are facing in L&D?

AP: The first challenge is finding the right balance of budget investment and how to measure learning and development ROI.

The second challenge is convincing employees to make time for training.

Everyone wants to participate in training, but day-to-day activities take precedence. It’s a combination of management helping employees find time and employees recognizing the importance of training and how to make it a priority.

LDP: What are some key lessons you have learned regarding L&D?

AP: I have learned to always get management to buy in through transparent needs analysis, have a structured training budget and develop ROI measurement that can link to company objectives.  

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