The role of L&D in Lindt’s transformation

by Brett Henebery21 Mar 2017
In 2016, Lindt’s HR team delivered a major transformational program to overcome, some significant challenges that the company and its learners were facing.

These challenges involved relocating the workforce from three sites to one new 65,000sqm facility 50km away, insourcing multiple third party operations and starting chocolate manufacturing in Australia.

And so the HR team came up with the innovative idea of the ‘BEYOND 2015’ plan – a series of 24 people initiatives for 2016 that would enhance multiple areas of the organisation.

Phil Turner, HR specialist of talent, projects and systems at Lindt, told L&D Professional that the plan gave a boost to employee engagement and performance, as well as talent acquisition and retention.

“With limited resources, our innovative thinking has delivered outstanding results in 2016 and helped the business to meet all the change milestones,” Turner said.

Turner said the technology has enabled the organisation to achieve:
  • A 100% direct sourcing record in 2016;
  • Supporting the rapid growth of the workforce by 39%;
  • Speeding up the offer to on-boarding process from 14 days to 2.3 days;
  • Speeding up time to fill from over 60 days to 19.7 days;
  • Significant cost reductions.
Turner said the team at Lindt configured the technology to revolutionise how they recruited and on-boarded new employees.

“Outdated manual and paper based processes were replaced with new online and automated processes which get the right talent starting into their roles faster,” he said.

The technology has also enabled Lindt to improve process and service delivery, resulting in increased efficiency, transparency and engagement across the business from end-users to line managers.

“The business results are that we opened our new state-of-the art $60m facility on time,” he said.

Turner added that the team at Lindt has built employee engagement and strengthened culture, enabling the company to relocate from three locations into one and retain all but nine people.

“We have acquired new talent with the skills and expertise required to run new packing lines and have moved into a new era of manufacturing chocolate in Australia.”

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