Top tips on controlling your emotions in the workplace

by L&D09 Dec 2016
No matter how much you try to separate your emotions from your work life, it will eventually find its way through. But what really matters is how you handle your emotions in the workplace, as this can also affect your team and prevent you from achieving your goals.

James Diment of Chillsauce spoke to a number of HR experts and asked them about the best ways to control emotions in the workplace. Check out the following tips:
  • Acknowledge differences of opinion. Not everyone will agree on one thing all the time. Instead of being afraid of this, it should be treated as an opportunity for a healthy debate that discusses the issue calmly and works toward a solution.
  • Don’t make emotion-based decisions. When you realize that your judgment on a business decision may be clouded by personal feelings, it’s best to take a step back. Strive to maintain objectivity so that your emotions will not affect productivity.
  • Listen. When emotions are running high in the workplace, it’s better to know what is causing the tears rather than just ignore it. Listening to your colleague’s frustrations can help him cope better and avoid the feeling of resentment.
  • Never forget to respect one another. Respect should always be embedded in any organisation, and that should be apparent even when communicating with colleagues, clients, and customers.