Training centre boosts youth employment skills

by Brett Henebery20 Jun 2017
A new program is giving marginalised youth a second chance by equipping them with employment skills.

The Get Set for Work program, launched by the Noosa Community Training Centre (NCTC), trains young people aged 15-17 to develop job-ready qualifications that can be used across different industries.

Many of the courses offered by NCTC are free to eligible participants with eligibility being determined by the funding provider, which could include State, Federal or Local Governments.

Teacher John Blahuta said a number of students participating in the program have already gone on to find stable employment.

"One kid is now working in a telecommunications job and another has an apprenticeship,” Blahuta told Noosa News.

The majority of training programs offered by NCTC cover competencies from Nationally Accredited Training Packages which ensures that skills obtained can be transferable anywhere in Australia.

Blahuta said a crucial lesson within the program is how important communication skills are to an employer.

“Bunnings is excellent for it because it's great for customer service,” Blahuta said.

He pointed out that when he took the class into the store, they were approached straight away by a staff member who asked how he could help them.

“A lot of them haven't experienced that before, so that's really important,” he said.

Over the next year, the Queensland Government will provide $7m in funding to community-based organisations across the state.

The funding will help disadvantaged young people transition to the workforce, undertake further education or training, or return to school.

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