Training start-up boosted by $1m investment

by Brett Henebery19 Jun 2017
A Sydney-based education start-up, 1Scope, is about to improve the way organisations deliver training, thanks to a $1m grant by Aqualand Capital investment.

More than 3,500 students have used the company’s website this year, with plans to connect 34,000 students with the training or work experience they would like by year’s end.

However, the new investment means the resource – which has been in beta version from October 2016 – will now be able to fast-track its launch to August 2017.

The resource allows companies, universities and not-for-profits promote, manage and measure the effectiveness of the training, work experience and skills opportunities they offer for students aged 12-25.

It helps students secure real-world experience that provides practical work skills by accessing programs, work experience and courses that are relevant to them – and importantly enabling them to develop the broader ‘soft skills’ that are critical, but not often taught to students.

Soft skills, also referred to as employability skills, are transferable between industries and occupations.

A new report by Deloitte Access Economics, titled: Soft Skills for Business Success, says soft skills’ and personal attributes are just as important to success as technical skills.

1Scope founder and CEO, Christina Chun, said her vision was to bridge the gap between the education system and employers and in doing so, create valuable new opportunities for today’s students.

“Today’s students are clever, capable and keen to apply for opportunities and training where it’s useful to them,” she said in a statement.

“Finding those opportunities and getting from A to B is the hard part for students and is the problem that 1Scope is trying to solve.”

In addition to the funding, Aqualand Capital will provide 1Scope with legal, marketing and financial advice as well as space at its Sydney office for 12 months.

“When we saw the potential for 1Scope to make a difference to the adults of tomorrow, together with the enthusiasm and skills of its founder, Christina Chun, we knew this was an initiative that required our support,” Jin Lin, Managing Director of Aqualand Capital Investment, said in a statement.

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