'Unscrupulous training providers' to be investigated

by L&D26 May 2016
Dodgy training courses in Victoria will soon be scrutinised by a new investigation led by a former Victorian Ombudsman investigator.

The team will complete thorough investigations into dozens of "unscrupulous training providers", and specifically look at the quality of courses, according to the Victorian Labor Government.

The squad has its sights set on online courses, and those in security and hospitality.

"We will not give providers a blank cheque for taxpayers' money - especially when the safety of the community could be put at risk because of substandard training," Training and Skills Minister Steve Herbert was quoted as saying by AAP.

L&D Professional contacted Herbert for comment.

The providers' contracts can be terminated for a range of reasons. These include offering incentives like iPads and laptops, lodging claims for training that didn't occur or engaging in unauthorised subcontracting.

A government spokesman told AAP that the latest contracts terminated were for Australian Vocational Education and Training Academy and the National Training Centre of Australia.

Since the state began looking thoroughly at the quality of providers in 2015, 57 have been earmarked for investigation and 15 training contracts have been terminated.

The Victorian Labor Government also recently backed Bill Shorten’s plan to cap loans of $8,000 a year in the VET-FEE Help program.

“At long last, someone has finally listened to what Victoria has been calling for. We’ve been advocating for more realistic loan levels and it’s pleasing to see that might finally happen,” said Herbert.
“Victoria is in the middle of an unprecedented crackdown on dodgy training providers and it’s about time a Federal Government did the same.
“We welcome the announcement from Bill Shorten, Kim Carr and Sharon Bird about their plan to put students first.”

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