Upskilling can lead to better pay – report

by Brett Henebery05 Jul 2017
New research by e-commerce marketplace Groupon shows that 44% of people in UK believe that having further skills training can significantly boost earning potential.

The study found that 30% of UK workers have actively boosted their skills by taking extra training and gaining qualifications over the past five years.

The research also revealed the main reasons why UK workers choose to upskill, with self-improvement being found to be the main motivation, cited by 52%.

This was followed by refreshing their skillset at 33% and protecting themselves from automation at 5%.

Upskilling has been beneficial to UK workers, with over 50% using their new skills to earn extra money and 17% receiving a pay rise or promotion.

Flexible working was found to have played a part when it comes to boosting skills, with over 20% saying that working flexibly provided them with more time to focus on their professional development.

Londoners were found to be the most likely to have upskilled, with 40% learning new skills over the past five years, whilst the administrative, medical and accounting/finance sectors were amongst the most popular sectors for upskilling.

Groupon UK managing director, Jon Wilson, commented that regardless of age and location, you should always have the opportunity to continue learning.

“For some people, the cost of traditional face-to-face courses is a barrier, and this is why we are currently seeing strong demand for high-quality but affordable online learning courses,” he said.
“Whether it is to improve yourself, try to get a promotion, or future-proof your career, there are many reasons to learn new skills.”

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