Victoria announces ice training for frontline workers

by L&D25 Jan 2016
A free online training course has been announced by the Victorian Government to help frontline workers deal with violent ice users.

Among the professions who can access the training are police, paramedics, doctors, nurses, child protection workers and social workers.

The $400,000 training package was announced by the Victorian Health Minister Jill Hennessy and the Victorian acting Premier James Merlino.

The package can be used for face-to-face training to assist frontline workers in identifying ice users, understanding its effects, and ensuring the safety of themselves, their co-workers and the community.

It also includes examples of how paramedics can work with emergency department staff to minimise the risk of violence, and is designed to be used across sectors.

Hennessy added that she wanted as many people as possible to participate in the free training.

"We're hopeful it won't just be the health sector and the justice sector that will utilise this training," Hennessy was quoted as saying by AAP.

"We know that those in the hospitality sector are also having to deal with customers that are affected by ice."

Merlino added that this is a step forward in showing that violence and aggression towards frontline workers will not be tolerated.  

“I’d encourage all frontline workers and service providers to incorporate this package into their existing workplace training and education programs,” he said.

“This training ensures we’re giving our frontline workers the skills and confidence to respond to ice users safely.”

The training program is part of the Government’s $45.5 million Ice Action Plan.

Additionally, the Government will invest $600,000 to expand investments in clinical supervisions for mental health, alcohol and drug treatment workers by further training existing supervisors, and ensuring that organisations have structures in place for supervision and effective responses to ice.