‘We are investing in our future leaders from day one’: The Good Guys

by L&D11 Jul 2016
Ignite is an intensive leadership and induction program for the new and existing store managers at The Good Guys.

The chief people officer at The Good Guys, Jaime Ehrhardt, told L&D Professional that the program is revolutionary for the company and will set the benchmark for retail management training and development in Australia
The home of Ignite is The Refinery which is a newly developed leadership and learning centre in Melbourne’s northern suburbs.
“We’ve really challenged traditional thinking around leadership training and we’ve turned induction on its head,” said Ehrhardt.
“We recognise that so many fundamental leadership skills can only be learnt by doing, so our Ignite program focuses on experiential learning rather than technical skills and processes.”
Ignite involves blended learning, with The Good Guys subjecting participants to high-pressure test situations, and engaging them in exaggerated practice by creating simulated real-life situations.
“We promote a remarkable culture and enthusiasm, we use storytelling and critical conversations, and we apply change management principals,”  said Ehrhardt
Ignite fosters two-way mentoring that doesn’t end in the classroom, and beyond that instils a philosophy of joint accountability where everyone is responsible for each members’ success.
The key reason for developing Ignite was to inspire great leadership, said Ehrhardt.
“As we transition through corporatisation we are promoting and recruiting new leaders at a pace we have never seen before. In order to ensure the success of The Good Guys in the future it is critical that we set our store leaders and teams up for success, Ehrhardt added.
“We are investing in our future leaders from day one and providing them with the opportunity to become the best version of themselves by extracting key leadership qualities.”
L&D Professional recently reported on the company's new training centre that’s designed to provide team members from the stores and support centre with a space that fosters creativity and learning.
The centre was designed to allow The Good Guys to create experiential programs that leverage live environments, including a mock store, point of sale and Concierge desk and a fully functioning test kitchen.
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