‘We believe that everyone is a teacher and a learner’: SAP

by L&D05 Sep 2016
L&D Professional interviews Jairo Fernandez, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, SAP Asia Pacific Japan, for his insights.
LDP: Where do you see the future of learning going at SAP?
JF: For SAP, the future of learning is one that is constantly evolving to suit the needs of our employee base.
We want employees to understand that learning is very much valued within this organisation and that an employee’s effort in learning is linked to their individual success and the company’s success.
We believe that everyone is a teacher and a learner, and peer learning is another key driver in our learning culture. Enabling employees to learn from each other creates an environment of knowledge sharing and flow of ideas between teams.
To build learning into our DNA over the long term, we have identified people managers as the change agents to drive effectiveness of learning in their teams.
The Accelerate 2 Learn program which we are rolling out will allow managers to reflect on their responsibility and facilitate learning. Through this program, we aim to achieve long-term change management and further foster the SAP learning culture.
LDP: How do you facilitate social learning at SAP?
JF: SAP firmly believes that social learning can pave the way for us to achieve our vision of having an employee-driven and self-sustaining learning organisation.
We adopt the mind-set that every employee is a lifelong student and a teacher, and we are at the forefront of improving delivery so learning can be more continuous, personal and collaborative.
Internally, we use SAP Jam, a cloud based social collaboration tool that connects employees with key information and processes to accelerate business and drives results.
The Jam platform allows us to collaborate internally on different topics such as strategy, employee policies and product development. The leadership team also uses this platform to share our vision and strategy, and engage our employees through discussion.
This tool facilitates collaboration at every level to increase employee engagement irrespective of the organisational boundaries.
LDP: What aspects of L&D excite you the most?
JP: One of the most fascinating aspects of L&D is that there is no one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter model.
Every employee is at a different stage of their career journey and has varying levels of L&D requirements.
The exciting part is to develop a program that is simple, consistent and impactful, yet customised for each and every employee to develop their skillsets.
Learning and development for leaders is an area that excites me. Leaders are the crème of the crop of the organisation and have the power to influence the direction of the company and the way it operates.
With great power comes great responsibility, and it is paramount that these leaders are empowered with L&D support that enables them to do their jobs well.
As such, we have developed the Integrated Leadership Framework which serves as a useful resource for leaders across all levels to seek information on topics around onboarding, leadership development, goal setting, talent acquisition, succession and promotion, as well as performance management.
Acknowledging that leaders have differing backgrounds and are at different stages of their leadership cycle, our leadership development roadmaps are customised to help all levels of leaders.

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