What does Malcolm Turnbull and Leonardo Da Vinci have in common?

by L&D27 May 2016
Benjamin Franklin, Leonardo Da Vinci and Malcolm Turnbull are just three of many illustrious people who have opted to use standing desks.

And if the latest research is anything to go by, then they are definitely on the right side of history.

The Texas A&M Health Science Center School of Public Health has found that employees in a call centre who used standing desks for a six-month period were 46% more productive than colleagues who used regular desks.

Productivity was measured by the amount of successful calls workers completed per hour.

"This research is a breakthrough in measuring productivity impacts of office workers, as this population of call center workers was directly tied to very objective data on their productivity," said Mark Benden, associate professor at Texas A&M Health Science Center School of Public Health.

The researchers also found that standing during the day can improve the health of the employees.

Indeed, almost 75% of those working at stand-capable workstations experienced decreased body discomfort after using these desks for six months.

"We believe that decreases in body discomfort may account for some of the productivity differences between the two groups," said the lead author of the study Gregory Garrett.

L&D Professional also recently reported workers who use sit-stand desks are more satisfied, energised and productive at work.

“Our study found that workers who increased their standing by up to 60-90 minutes a day were more active and felt more energised than workers who used traditional desks, while not compromising their work output,” said the lead researcher Dr Josephine Chau, from the University of Sydney’s School of Public Health.

However, she cautioned that your body needs to adjust to it gradually.

“Ideally, workers could aim for around two hours of standing or non-sitting time per working day,” she said.

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