What’s your toughest L&D test?

by L&D15 Feb 2016
The author Shannon L. Alder once said: “You will face your greatest opposition when you are closest to your biggest miracle.” 

In that spirit - and with great respect to the many tests faced by L&D practitioners - this publication has put together a new poll which asks: What’s your greatest L&D challenge?

In recent months, L&D Professional has heard a wide range of responses from practitioners we have interviewed.

For Rob Phipps, chief people officer of KFC, his greatest challenge is grappling with technology because it’s moving so fast.

“Do you hold on and skip a step? Or do you go with the times and it costs a lot of money in investment, time, change and all those sorts of things?” he said.

“Certainly where technology sits for us is an ongoing question."

On the other hand, MYOB’s head of people and performance Alla Keogh told L&D Professional that their business was challenged by having to continually evolve their L&D offerings to ensure they are relevant and valuable to their people in an industry which is itself continually evolving.

As for Cathy Doyle, chief people officer at McDonald’s, her toughest test involves delivering the right training and development to all employees around Australia, particularly given they have more than 103,000 staff.

So without further ado, what is your toughest test? Vote in the poll by clicking here.